Monday, August 2, 2010

Oreo and Fudge Ice Cream Cake

Unfortunate picture...
I was trying to take a picture, while 5 kids were nipping at our heals.
Fortunate recipe find!
Very yummy cake!
It is beyond easy and a nice change from regular cake.

Oreo and Fudge Ice Cream Cake:

1/2 c. hot fudge topping, room temp
1 - 80 oz tub of Cool Whip, divided
1 - 3 oz pkg. instant chocolate pudding
12 Oreo cookies, chopped or smashed:)
12 vanilla ice cream sandwiches, unwrapped

Pour hot fudge topping a medium size bowl, add 1 c. Cool Whip, mix until well blended. Add dry pudding mix. Mix for 2 minutes, then add chopped up cookies. Set aside.

Arrange 4 of the ice cream sandwiches, side by side on a 24 inch piece of aluminum foil. Top with half of the cookie mixture. Repeat layers. Top with remaining 4 ice cream sandwiches. Frost top and sides with remaining Cool whip. Bring up foil sides and loosely fold ends of package.
Freeze at least 4 hours before serving, preferably over night.

Here is the "how to video" if you'd like to see it done.

Bon Appetit!


  1. I think I'm going to try that in my springform pan.

  2. That looks so good!! Hope Jan had a good birthday!