Saturday, April 3, 2010

Bite-size Cucumber Rounds

These are my favorite go-to appetizers for a baby shower, party or any get together. The cream cheese spread would also be good in a tortilla rolled up with vegetables and/or meat.

1 C cream cheese
1/2 C mayo
2 to 3 tsp of a pkg of dry Italian salad dressing mix

Mix the above ingredients until smooth. Chill overnight.

Slice a baguette into bite-size rounds. Spread with cream cheese mixture. Top with a thin slice of cucumber and then sprinkle with dried dill weed if desired.
This makes enough for 2 baguettes.


  1. Oh how I love these.....after seeing this post I really want to make some....

  2. Now that I've got the recipe staring at me...I might have to make them for Easter dinner tomorrow! Thanks Jodie:)