Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cup Cake Cones

I made these for my daughter Olivia's 6th birthday party. They are super easy to make and the kids really LOVED them.

Mix any flavor cake as per directions given on the box. The batter will yield 18 cupcakes and 18 mini-size ones. I used large cupcake wrappers and a mini-muffin pan.

While they are baking, fill 18 wafer cones half-way full with jelly beans, or gumballs, just not a chewy candy. The cone will tip over if it isn't weighted down (and the kids never mind having more candy to eat).

After they are cooled, peel off the wrappers and frost the top of the cupcake. Invert the cupcake and stick frosting side down into the cone.
Next frost the mini-cupcake. Invert and stick it on top of the larger cupcake.

Now frost the both cakes; leaving a little dollop on top to give the appearance of a soft-serve cone. Top with sprinkles. They look cute but hide cake crumbs if you are a messy froster like me!

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