Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easy- as- Possible Parfaits

This is truly the quickest and easiest dessert you will ever make. It can be customized to whatever fruit you like or what is in season. You can also make it relatively fat-free depending on what kind of yogurt and cool whip you choose.

3 C stirred yogurt of your choosing ( I used strawberry)
3 C cool whip

Mix well.

Line your parfait glass with a dollop of the cool whip/yogurt mixture. Then put a layer of graham crackers crumbs, followed by another layer of the mixture. Add a layer of strawberries or whatever fruit you are using. Layer how you like until the glass is full, topping it with some of the berries.
Granola instead of the graham crackers crumbs is good too.
This will make around 5 parfaits depending on the size of the glass.

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